Nursery Provision

Nursery Provision at Wheatley Hill Primary & Nursery School

Our Nursery at Wheatley Hill is a place that we are very proud of and our new learning environment is something that must be visited!

Family Groups

When children join our Nursery class, they will join a Family Group. Family Groups are small groups of children with an adult key worker. Children join these groups every morning and afternoon to complete tasks, have discussions and work together. We are very lucky at Wheatley Hill as we have high numbers of adults so children are in groups of no bigger than 8 children per adult. Our Nursery class is also overseen by Miss Wilkinson - a qualified teacher and member of the School Middle Leadership team. We believe that working with a teacher is one of the beneifts of joining a school based Early Years Provision.

Daily Routines

Our Reception day begins at 8:55am when the children line up in the school yard ready to be greeted by their family group leader. Children then enter the school where they take part in a range of activities in a morning as well as dedicated Maths and English Lessons. 

Children also spend large amounts of time accessing the wonderful learning environment that we have created including the cookery area, role play and art studio.

Children in Reception stay in school all day and have lunch in the school dinner hall. The school day ends at 3:00pm when children will be taken out into the school yard by their Family Group Worker to meet parents and carers.

We strongly recommend that you come for a visit to see our amazing Reception Classroom and meet the staff.

Outdoor Learning and Forest School
An Amazing Learning Environment

In a quality Early Years setting, the learning environment becomes the third educator following the parents and teachers and this is what we believe here at Wheatley Hill.


Our brand new Early Years environment is a truely amazing space and uses natural materials to create a fantastic learning environment. Our Early Year's staff members are extremely hard working and dedicated. We are very lucky here at Wheatley Hill as we are able to offer excellent groups sizes of no more than 8 children per group.

Some of the learning areas include:-

  • Artist Studio

  • Construction Areas

  • Sand and Water Exploration

  • Cooking Area

  • Role Play and Home Corner

Please see the gallery on the right.

Inside the role play area
The Loft
Work Station
Art Area
Sand & Water Play
Block Play
A Wonderful Environment
Cooking Area
Block Area
Art Area
Natural Materials
Amazing Spaces
An Artists table
Natural Areas
Great Spaces
Outdoor Learning and Forest School
My hat is too big
Beach School
Cooking Outside
Snow Day
Beach Schools
Snow Day
Team Work
Bug Hotels
Wow Snow
My Creation
Great Teamwork

Our learning environment is not simply the four walls of the classroom - it is the wild, natural outdoor play area, it is our dedicated forest school area and our amazing school gymnasium.

At Wheatley Hil, our children spend a lot of time exploring the outdoor world as they take part in weekly forest school or beach school activities. The children also have access to our outdoor learning area.

Some of the outdoor learning areas include:-

  • Construction Areas

  • Sand and Water Exploration

  • Forest School Area and Fire Pit

  • Mud Kitchen

  • Climbing Area

  • Vegetable Garden

  • Outdoor Shelters

Please see the gallery on the left.

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